Dr.Meera Ragavan

Senior Consultant Uro Gynecologist
Apollo Hospitals, Chennai.

Topic : Recent update on Uro Gynaecology

Dr Meera Raghavan is one of the leading urogynaecologists in Chennai, providing specialized treatment for complex conditions related to the female pelvic region. She has expertise in managing medical conditions like rectal or bladder incontinence, pelvic prolapses and interstitial cystitis. She has treated countless patients over her long and distinguished career, successfully.

While gynaecologists focus on the female reproductive system, urogynaecologists specialize in pelvic disorders. These can range from mild problems such as urinary tract infections (UTIs) and urinary incontinence to severe issues like vaginal prolapses and pelvic fistulas (an abnormal connection between two internal organs). Often, females who have undergone non-surgical labour tend to develop these conditions. In other cases, they may stem from other factors like genetic history or chronic constipation. 

Dr Meera offers a structured and curated treatment plan for such disorders. Her approach to each patient involves a thorough preliminary clinical assessment using advanced imaging tests and factoring in the individual’s medical history. Following that, she conducts additional diagnostic examinations to assess the severity of the condition and outline the necessary remedial measures.

Depending on the disorder’s nature, Dr Meera can prescribe different treatment methods. For example, medications and injections with bulking agents are sufficient to cure most bladder and rectal incontinence cases. In other instances, Dr Raghavan could suggest pelvic muscle training and nerve stimulation exercises as supplementary measures. She only recommends surgical procedures for the most advanced conditions such as vaginal wall repair and uterus removal.

As it stands, Dr Meera Raghavan is recognized as one of the most accomplished urogynaecologists in Chennai. And that recognition comes not only from her 19 years of experience but also from her dedication and commitment to providing the best possible medical care to her patients.

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