Prof (Dr.) Anitha Ramesh

HOD & Senior Consultant – Medical and Paediatric Oncology
Saveetha Medical College, Chennai

Topic : Updates in Gynaec – Oncology

Dr. Anitha Ramesh has over 20 years of clinical experience in Oncology. She is currently a Senior Consultant, Medical and Paediatric Oncology at Apollo Speciality Hospitals and Kauvery HCG Cancer Center, Chennai. She also heads the Medical Oncology department, and serves as a professor, at Saveetha Medical College Hospital (Saveetha University), Chennai.

Dr. Anitha has been a recipient of several awards, scholarships and international grants for her academic excellence in Oncology such as a scholarship by the British High Commissioner, British Chevening/Commonwealth/Nottingham, for MSc in Oncology in 2002-2003 at Nottingham University; IDEA fellowship/International travel grant in 2005 from American Association Clinical Oncologist, USA; SMS scholarship recipient, Germany in 2005; Outstanding Abstract award in UAE Cancer Congress in 2014 held in Dubai; Realistic Award for Women in 2018 for contributions in field of Oncology; “Golden Women in Medicine” in 2020 and “South Indian Women Achiever’s Award” in 2020 at South India Women Achievers Awards (SIWAA), to name a few. Over these two decades, Dr. Anita has presented at more than 50 National and International scientific platforms and has over 50 publication to her credit. Dr. Anita is the Founder, CEO and Managing Trustee of the “Freedom from Cancer Research and Relief Foundation”, a public trust serving more than 500 cancer survivors.

Dr. Anitha continues to make significant contributions to the Oncology community. She is currently working on a research project titled ‘Women and Cancer: Breast and Cervical’ for her post-doctoral fellowship (PhD). She is also actively involved in over 20 ongoing clinical trials as a principal investigator.